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Methadone is an opioid whose main use lies in the treatment of heroin addiction – it is prescribed as part of a treatment programme. However, it can be misused and is available on the black market. Methadone acts like heroin and therefore can cause respiratory depression and the risk of overdose.

What else is it called?

Meth, juice

What does it look like?

Green liquid

What is its legal status?

Class A if possessed illegally. Methadone is given on prescription to heroin addicts to stop withdrawal symptoms and try and help them off drugs.

How much does it cost?

Roughly £10 per 100ml mixture. This can vary and 'street' methadone is often watered down.

What equipment do people use to take it?

None. Methadone comes in prescription bottles.

What about dependence/addiction?

Methadone is physically addictive. In principle, the aim of methadone treatment is to reduce the dose over time until a patient can give up altogether.