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Drug factfile

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These are household goods and chemicals which can be used as drugs – for example glues, aerosols and lighter fluids. They are easy to get hold of and can pose real risk of harm, even on first use.

What else are they called?

Rush, air blast, spray, volatile substances, thinners

What do they look like?

They can be various household chemicals – generally adhesives, gas fuels or aerosols e.g. nail polish remover, hairspray, paint thinner, petrol.

What are their legal status?

It is illegal to sell them to under-18s.

How much do they cost?

Varies depending on substance – usually just a few pounds.

What equipment to people use to take them?

Some products are squirted or sprayed directly into the throat, which is extremely dangerous. In other cases people inhale fumes from bags or soaked rags/cloths.

What about dependence/addiction?

They are not physically addictive, but people can become psychologically dependent.