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2 sons addicted to crack

Posted by dee on 25 August 2014.

I have 2 sons addicted to crack and possibly other drugs, one son is 37 the other 34. on top of this my oldest is very ill, he was born with a kidney disease and over the last 4 years he had both kidneys removed, last year he bowel perforated, he almost died, he now has a colostomy bag, and he has dialysis 4 times a week, 2 weeks ago we was told he has renal bone disease, he has suffered drug addiction from the age of around 15. He begs borrows and steals. He will sell anything that's not nailed down. My other son has had a bad addiction for the past 8 months I would say, he is also ill with type 1 diabetis, he looks like a skeleton, his marriage has broke down he forgets to take his insulin, and has just left his rented house to live with his cousin, I have just discovered that he has sold items from the house and left owing £500 rent. Im at my wits end, 2 poorly sons both on crack!


26 Aug 2014

I feel your pain.  Its so sad.  I know how you must be feeling.  I only manage to cope by closing my mind to it (as much as I can).  I wish I could win the lottery and put them all in rehab but they would probably just use again!

26 Aug 2014

As we type this now I have one son ringing me every 15mins desperate for money saying he has people coming to his door for money he owes them at 12.30am, but I am sticking to my guns, I will not give him any money, he also says hes sat with no gas or electric, it hurts especially knowing he is so ill but I cannot give him money.  I have been trying to talk to the younger one all day but he has turned his phone off, its all getting too much for me, I don't have a normal life! my mother is 86 and I feel I am going to bury my 2 sons before her at this rate, Im at my wits end.

31 Aug 2014

Hi Dee,

I don't know what to say, this is horrific. It's too much for any human being to deal with, and you are being so strong. 

This isn't sales or anything, there is another charity which may be able to help you. They have trained people for you to speak to and who can "signpost" you to help which hopefully will be something. They are called The Icarus Trust and you can contact them on their website or simply email them on

I really hope this is some help and can give you the support you need and deserve. I wish you all the best.

3 Sep 2014

Hi all 
  My son is back on Heroin he has been on and off for 16 years, its heart-breaking as he is a nice person but this drug changes him ,we are at a bad place at the moment.

Hope heart
5 Sep 2014

Hi Dee
Watching our loved ones slowly walking down a road of self destruction is the most painful, guilt wracking and helpless places to be, you need some support too, get in touch with your local drug agency they may well have a group or a counsellor you can speak too, sometimes reaching out for help can be scary because its like admitting there really is a problem (we are quite good at being strong) but it can provide you with the extra strength to carry on, one day at a time. All the best

10 Sep 2014

Since I first contacted this page my younger son, the diabetic has sought help and is now on a programme with the help f drug counciling, the other son the really poorly one is just getting worse and deeper into it, he has told me in the last week that he is injecting crack with citric acid into his fistula, (a fistula is create for dialysis by grafting an artery and vein in his upper arm so as to insert dialysis needles into) this is extreamly dangerous and he knows it. He got his sinkness benefit at midnight and this morning has not a penny left, he now gets nothing for 2 weeks. He has drug dealer at his door all the time wanting money he owes them or to sell him more, he doesn't need money to get more drugs he gets them on credit!! so next benefit will proberbly be spent now. I fear for his life, if his illness doesn't kill him very soon the drugs will. He would be better off in prison, that has saved his life in the past, as sad as that sounds.

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