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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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A concerned Daughter

Posted by dan674 on 13 February 2014.

Hi, I am 19 and ever since i was 12 my mum has been using heroin on and off. She is running my family to the ground had has racked up a lot of debt which we cannot afford to pay. I am currently at university and I have leant my mum money constantly, one week I even went without food to lend her money. At first I did not know she was back on drugs until I came home and her behaviour and appearance struck me as odd so when she was out i did some snooping and found a box full of needles and foil etc... I confronted her and she said she slipped up months ago and is in councilling and she just needs to find a place to dispose of the needles, but once again i found needles in her pillow case which have been used recently. I am so worried that debt collectors will come and take our things and we will end up on the streets due to her. My stepdad and I have tried to help her but I cannot take anymore. I need advice on what I should do, do I confront her once more?


13 Feb 2014

you shouldnt have to live like that hun, I cant give you professional advice sweetheart but as a mother of a heroin/crack addict I know where your coming from, its so bloody hard!! you sound like a good kid at uni and that, so to keep your future looking bright focus on yourself hun, can you talk to anyone at uni? a councellor or the likes? I hope so.. never leave yourself without food again, it will only go to some scummy dealer : ( your in my thoughts and I hope your mum does the right thing by you take care fiona xx

24 Feb 2014

Hey, Dan...would I be able to talk to you outside of the blog, please? Cheers x

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