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Advice please

Posted by NJ on 8 December 2014.

Hi, I have only shared a handful of times about my difficult situation with my husband who  has problems with drink and drugs, and I have 2 small children. As you can imagine I have been through some horrible times in this situation. I generally got some lovely kind words from people who understood how I felt. I recently revisited the website and saw 2 people had sent responses mentioning online drs who had prayed or made spells to help there families, against my better judgement and at a real desperate moment I emailed the addresses they gave imagining how lovely it would be if this was true and they could help me too, I enquired how it works and I got responses asking for some info and a pic and my number , I was so down at that moment that I emailed back, then they said they require me to pay for items, I asked how much, it was too much for me to afford so I said I was not able to carry on. One of them keeps calling me and emailing saying it was a matter of my happiness and I need to send him the money even if I have to sell something, I'm getting scared now, I have tried to be polite and say I can't afford it. With everything else going on in my life living with an addict I can't take this extra stress, does anyone have any advice on what I should do.


Icarus Trust
9 Dec 2014

I am so sorry that you are having a very stressful and scary time dealing with your husbands drink and drugs problems. 
Sadly there are no magic answers and the people who have been contacting you have nothing to do with Adfam!
However there are people who can help you. I work for a charity called Icarus Trust. We have trained volunteers who are experienced in supporting people dealing with addiction in their families. They would be able to listen and talk to you as it often helps to offload to someone who understands how you are feeling. They will also tell you what other help could be available.
This is a FREE service so it might be worth giving it a try.
You can contact us on or visit the website
I hope this helps you find some good advice and support. Good luck.

22 Dec 2014

NJ ignore these so called Drs,cause only your husband can set the ball of recovery rolling ...the icarust trust have given you some good advice...firstly get support for you and your kids..your husband is an addict and his actions are that of an addict...there's no quick fix, he has to want to get the help....and that's the hard part..please talk to someone Hunni, your kids deserve that,and so do you....good luck x

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