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alcohol is ruining my life.....

Posted by chloe on 9 September 2010.

i had/ have the best family life ever my parnets are great and i have a steady job, i started drinking at a early age with friends at school, they all seemed to grow out of it and i contiuned drinking quiet alot, i was drinking about 3liters of cider every other night and this was just during the week, on a weekend it could be double that i could never remeber my nights.!
in 2008 i got raped and i never told anybody about this for about a year after  and still i only told a close few friends, still to this day only them peoplen no and i havent had the help i need.. the drinking got worse when this happend because i didnt want to belive that it had happend to me, i wantd to try and forget about it, so suppose i drank more and more. it is now 2year on and iam still drinking alot and still havent got help for what happend to me.. drink does get a hold of u in ways u dont see at first, but belive me it takes over your life, i have lost friends and had big arguements with family members because i would rather sit ad get drunk. i have nearly lost my job because of the drink andm my behavior at work, my health has gone down hill, i am paroniod, week, depressed,  tierd,  shakes, feeling/ been sik..etc its not nice!!!  
iam still going through this and wouldnt wish it on my worse enemy, please if u readin this do not turn to drink it will ruin your life....its ruining mine right now


14 Jan 2011

My son started drinking as a teenager. I remembe going into the local off licence with a photo of him asking them not to serve alcohol to him as he was only 14. He started drinking heavily when he was 20 after taking a relationship break up very badly. He continued in this vein. He got into fights, he had a broken arm, leg, detached retina, broken ankle, cuts, bruises you name it during his life. He was diagnosed with Barratts Oesophogus in his mid 20s, He moved back into home when another relationship broke up aound this time. He was supposed to stay 3 months,but he stayed fo 4 years... he was 30 at this time. His family tried to help him but it was intolerable as he became abusive and angry with drink and acted inappropriately on many occasions. He moved out and rented a house. Due to his drinking, he then lost his job, his girlfriend and in turn his house. He lay on the settee all day ignoing his bills whilst I tried desperately to get him the support and help he needed. He was evicted in 2009. He slept in a tent in the summer of 09 whilst we tried to find help for him and a hostel for him to stay temporarily. He refused to move from the tent and stayed in it until the xmas of 2009 when after many efforts on my part, he got offered a 1 bedroom flat. He became a service user at Phoenix Futures, a national service for people suffering from drug and alcohol problems. Once he was ensconsed in the flat, he continued to drink heavily. He had 3 detoxes in the last 2 years. He developed cirrhosis and the doctors warned him he might die if he didnt stop. He carried on drinking. I and his family found this very hard to understand. He stayed in drinking large quantities of cheap cider whilst on benefits.He used Facebook as a means of a social life and this became his universe. Two weeks ago, he was rushed to hospital with delirium and internal bleeding. Whilst in there he suffered an alcoholic seizure and a heart attack. He died in my arms aged just 36. He was my son and I loved him. I feel that I last really knew my son aged around 16, before alcohol had taken a hold of him. I feel devastated as do his sisters and brother to lose my son so young and knowing he was so unhappy. I have set up a just giving site in his memory with the proceeds to go to Phoenix Futures. This has helped me to focus since his funeral. Joel's drinking had a detrimental effect on all our lives and I am glad that he is at peace now and we can try to remember the son that we loved before he became broken.

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