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Boyfriends addiction and stealing

Posted by Helen on 19 July 2011.

I have been seeing my boyfriend for 2 years in september and he is 3 months younger than me (27).  when i first met him back in 2008 i knew nothing of his addiction.  once when i went to see him a friend had rung seeing if he wanted to go round.  i later found out that it was to get high.

we broke up and he ended up in hospital with mental health issues and a year later i got talking to him again to see how he was doing.  then he was smoking quite a bit but i didnt know the extent of his addiction and it didnt really occur to me that he might be.

since then his smoking got worse but i managed to get him to stop using his bong which i really hated cos he coughed terribly everytime he took a puff.

it got to the point where come christmas last year he was stealing to fund his habit.  i found a ring in his flat that was my sisters.  he had thought about selling it but then thought better of it so it just sat hidden til he was going to come back to my house next.  he also managed to get the pin number of a credit card of mine and over 3 months he stole £400 of money from my mums account to fund not only his weed but his cigarettes and bits and bobs.  one night i woke up to him apparently after my ibruprofen.  it was since revealed he was actually putting the card back whilst i slept so i knew nothing of what was going on.

when i found out i made him get help and although i havent asked him about it i'm sure he hasnt kept it up.  i found out at the weekend he has been smoking on and off since may and i asked him not to smoke the one he was going to roll up.  without me knowing he did roll it and smoke a wee bit off the end and left it in his letter box.  i was then going out and found it when he needed to get in there even though i knew there was nothing in the box.  i got furious and ripped it up and we had words.

everything else with our relationship is great but when it comes to the weed he's sneaky, he lies and it really isnt nice.  i gave him a second change cos i knew he could get his life around but im slowly starting to wonder whether thats the case.  i dont understand it and dont think i ever will but love him more than anything which makes it so much worse

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