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Cocaine over me

Posted by MHC85 on 19 March 2017.

When I met my partner in Greece and he moved here for me from Holland 6 months later to be with me I thought I was in a fairytale. Turns out every fair tale always has a villain and ours is cocaine. I knew he did it before he moved here but things have been getting worse and worse. He use to only do it every 3 weeks but at that time use to take money from our joint account, this hurt as I felt like I was the only one working towards us and future. Now he has a better job but with that comes better money. He now does it every 3-4 days. He completely changes as a person and is not my man. He becomes totally selfish and makes me feel so worthless. He tells me I'm being dramatic, although when he is on a come down (for about 3 days, until he feel better and does it again) he tells me he understands it's a problem and he doesn't want to use. I'm so tired and feel so exhausted. He makes me feel like I'm going crazy and it's all my fault...... this can't be a normal life can it? When things are good they are really good but this is killing me

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