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Don't know what to think anymore...

Posted by DKWTD on 27 May 2014.

My brother has had issues on and off for years with crystal meth, he thinks he doesn't have a problem as according to him he only does it once a month and blames all his problems on my parents, me anybody really but himself. In the past he's had good and bad patches and Ive always believed that he will stop using/get over it and that deep down he will be ok as ive always believed he's a good person. But now i don't know what to think; Ive just found out that in the last couple of weeks he hit my Dad so hard he knocked him down to the ground, he broke into a house because he wanted somewhere to sleep and he was found passed out in his car by the side of a road- Im sure there's a lot more I don't know about. My parents are getting on and should be able to enjoy their lives without having to look after their adult son, I feel so angry with him for what he's done and don't know how much lower he will get. I ve been looking at websites on addiction which talk about the addiction being a disease and that the addict needs help- however at the moment I just feel that I wish he would disappear and fuck off out of my parents lives.

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