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Don't want to lose him.

Posted by Tan on 8 January 2014.

I have been with my boyfriend just under a year. He adores me and he would never intentionally hurt me. He has a big disposable income as he owns a successful business. A few months ago I started noticing he was doing a lot of cocaine with his friends then doing it with my friends but always keeping me in the dark about it. He had also told me that 5 years ago he had a cocaine addiction. Since then he has admitted to me that he has never been clear of it. He has done it for the last 5 years sometimes 3 times a week, sometimes more, Sometimes less. He doesn't see it as that much of a problem as his income allows him to fund it. However, all his money is spent on coke and he always complains to me that he has none and asks to borrow some. He says he wants to quit and hates the effects it has on him. The problem is he is surrounded by it, his friends constantly do it, everyone he is surrounded with does it, he is even good friends with the drug dealer. He is constantly surrounded by this temptation. Most people would say move away but that Is not a possibility, his business is here and is only just really kicking off. He says he wants to stop but doesn't know how. I feel that he has been completed honest with me but I don't know how much he does want to stop because he has admitted that the majority of the time he does it by himself.
I'm worrying because it's getting worse and I'm scared that it will start affecting our relationship , he spends £1000s a month on it. He is honest with me about everything except this because he says he's ashamed. 
I am so scared of losing him to this problem. I really want to be there for him but I don't know what to say or do to help him. 
Will he ever stop and how will it start affecting his personality and our relationship. It is so perfect with us apart from this cloud but I'm worried this cloud will never go away.

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