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finding out

Posted by dinnowitch on 5 January 2014.

I went away for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, just to our local seaside, just for a break in our very small caravan and so we could bring the 'van back home. It was nothing special. My 28 year old son said he was happy to stay behind and look after the remaining dogs (7 had gone with us). I knew he was a binge drinker but never expected what I came back home to. He had been on what he termed a 'bender'. The result was that he was, and still is, hospitalised. His liver, kidneys, spleen and bladder are damaged and he now admits to drinking a bottle of vodka a day. I believe this is also responsible for his inability to get a job and the failure of his marriage after 9 months. I don't feel responsible (he drinks it, not me) but I am now terrified that I will say or do the wrong thing, he will go on another 'bender' and will either do irreparable damage or deliberately or accidentally kill himself. When he comes out of hospital, how do I handle him? Kid gloves or boxing gloves?

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