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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Good news There IS HOPE!!!

Posted by Rose on 29 March 2011.

My daughter went to addiction hell. (Familiar story, smoking at 11, cannabis, alcohol, other drugs..eventually crack and heroin IV. personality change, lies, stealing, alienation from the non addicts world and values, prison, (what a relief!) Attempts at rehab. 
Eventually I gave up hope.
It took 15 years, but SHE turned it round and came back towards the light. Now it seems like a distant nightmare. Thank you ANA. Thank you Narcotics Anonymous! Thank you 12 step programme. Addicts, parents and families. DON'T GIVE UP!!!  Rose


30 Jun 2011

It's nearly July, daughter still "clean!" It all seems like a dream now, but I know the work of staying clean never ends. If you or yours are in the hell of addiction. Courage, sometimes things DO get better. I had no hope left, but I was mistaken to give up..!!!!

28 Sep 2011

Hi Rose 
The famous don't give up :(  unfortunately I am starting too. My son is so in denial he came home last night looking awful I knew he was on something. I feel so helpless. Denial is such an awful place to be at. I have no idea where or what I do until the day he admits he addicted. I'm glad your daughter turned herself around I hope my 13 yr old will see the light sooner rather than later even though I believe he too involved now :(

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