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he don't want to quit

Posted by sutkina on 15 August 2017.

my hubby been doing coke daily since age 18. the first part of his life until  age  40 was life like a rock star, no worries on money as he had wealthy parents, when they died and he had to manage his funds, he now is broke, working in a kitchen (he chooses that career, even though he has qualitfications, degree from ivy school)   every month, he hands me 1/2 the rent, and not even half the expenses and  utilities . He doesnt even buy gas for the car.if household effects are needed, i have to buy with my money. We share no retirement fund, he's almost 60, im 55. the thought of what will happen to us when we are old scares me, i always assumed he had invested or from his inheritance. No, everythings gone, and he continues to give a portion of the rent ,the rest of his paycheck 3/4 every month, goes stricklty to his habit,  what would motivate a person that just doesnt care and gives money to his dealer every payday for crap that is not even giving him the motivATION to fix his existing problem and why do i assume he cares about things liike car repairs, nice living arrangementgs and new things like shoes,gifts,vacations and the things we had back when his parents were alive?


Icarus Trust
29 Aug 2017

Hi Sutkina,
So sorry to read your post and can understand the worry you have around your husband's habit.
If you would like to talk with someone who may be would be able to help you find a way ahead please contact The Icarus Trust. We are a charity that supports people who deal with a loved one's addiction and offer a free service.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Good luck.

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