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Posted by ms emily on 19 June 2014.

My husband just informed me he has been using heroin periodically for 8 years now. I have a family history of drugs and alcohol so I automatically fell as if he's addicted, even though he claims not yo be. He said he only use heroin maybe 2 to 3 times a month. I asked him to stopand asked him for how many day now has he been using recently? he responded that he has been using heroin for 2 days. My next responce was to throw the remaining heroin away.He then stated yhat he will stop after he snorts the last of the heroin that he has and is not willing to throw it away he claims it will be a waste of his money. This sounds like an addict to me but I'm really looking for someone else opinion.


ms emily
19 Jun 2014

I'm sorry snorting heroin

19 Jun 2014

Ah honey, sorry, but he is an addict....and my guess is he is being sparse with the truth.....I know you want to believe him, but trust your instincts,, they are normally bang on.....take care hunni , xxx

ms emily
20 Jun 2014

@Cant take no more, thanks a bunch 💕💕

20 Jun 2014

Emily I can sugar coat it but would be doing you a misfortune....Its horrible knowing they are taking this drugs, and believe me as a mother a son who was in denial for 4 years....the last person the are truthful with is themselves......My son doesnt do drugs every day but he is still an addict....., the fact he does it in regular intervals tells me and his counsellor he is an addict.....

24 Jun 2014

As you say, sound's like an addict to me as well ms emily, I have found they always try and play it down
(there usage) No man is more powerful than that drug, it will rob you of everything!!!

24 Jun 2014

And if he has been using heroin for 8 years regardless of weather he thinks he has it under control..he hasnt! like the above post says..heroin robs you of everything including your soul!! hope he has some awakening of his usage soon and starts to get honest but to be honest this is unlikely

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