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Posted by Kids2014 on 25 December 2013.

Where to start, I'll try keep it short, my son started using cannabis at 15.,we had no idea, I have two younger sons , he's now 19 .His moods were always up and down and fell out several times with his dad, not got the best relationship really, never felt he was a dad, had a recent incident which saw him flip I took him to see someone about his moods and that's when it all came out, he'd been using every drug going since 16 and I never knew, I was shocked, upset angry hurt, living a dream and that's what it's been like for nine months, he's tried overdose twice with leathol cocktail, he's self harmed, he was in such a psychotic episode , police were called and sent away couple of days to recover, feel like we've all been through hell and back including kids. He's finally been diagnosed with bipolar and on medication and looking now he looks 100% better than where we all were. He's my son and I've helped him every step of the way we've talked about why we've seen people got the proper help and I'm proud to say he's doing great feel like we've come along way, but the only problem I have is he is finding it difficult to kick the cannabis,  says it's really hard but his dad can't seem to talk to him, feel like he's disowned him , horrible atmosphere in the house makes snide comments and his anger is at us all, his brothers are struggling and so am I , I've been angry but we need to become stronger and make home a lot happy so he feels he doesn't  need to go out, he's either in room or out.


30 Dec 2013

Hi, just posted myself, with what feels like the start of your story.  Right now I'd feel relieved to know my son had a medical problem and was not just criminally minded.  I found this site while looking for support, and think some of the guides are quite useful.  In particular the ones about changing ourselves in order to change others, like you my son goes out because the home is not as pleasant a place to be, we complained when he was on Xbox a lot, but at least we knew where he was!  Your husband has to buy into it too, so the whole family help each other collectively, your son has owned the problem, but where does he get the money from to continue buying.  Has he got a job. Maybe he would agree to let you hold the bulk, and only give him small amount?  We still give our son 'pocket money', but think even that might be enabling him, our concern is that he knows others who will 'tick' him, and then come looking for the debt.  As I say your son looks to have opened up, to you at least, if you can, as a family agree that you want to be happy, (sometimes it just feels easier to stay miserable)  then seek out the family therapy, it's not a sign of weakness, it is strength.

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