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Help me please...

Posted by Jess King on 22 February 2015.

Okay! So I'm 16 years old. When I was just 14 years old my mum passed away suddenly. She was only 31 and it was a shock to us all. Her heart just stopped. My mum also has 3 other children 2 to a man named Danny a little boy to a man called carl and she had me her first born child with a man called Neil. When I was born my dad Neil. When I was born my mum had already split up with Neil and she was in a realtionship with Danny. Neil then became not wante by my family as he never really came to visit me. So my family told him he wasn't aloud near. My mum then decided it would be best if i thought Danny was my real dad. So I've always called him dad.  My mum and danny split up and a few months later my mum was with Carl and we lived with him and my mum for 6 years. When I was 14 my mum passed away and I ended up going to live with the man i thought was my real dad (danny).Up until a few weeks ago my real dad's (neil) sister contacted me over facebook telling me everything. I now after 16 years know the truth. Me and danny don't really get on we are constantly arguing and he always treats his 2 children better than me. I get the blame for everything. I am now just wondering what happens... My mum didnt sign any papers appointing danny my legal guardian and my real dad neil isn't on my birth certificate?


6 Mar 2015

I really don't know how to answer you as it's all very complicated, so sorry to hear about your mom and you being so young, all I can say is why not go to citizens advice bureau as I'm sure they will know the best people to help you even if they can't. Good luck

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