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Help please

Posted by Rosie on 13 November 2013.

I'm going out of my mind, and feel I can't go on anymore... My son is 23, has had everything in life, but these last few years have been hell with him....we lost my dad ( his grandad) a year ago,  since then it's been a roller coaster with him.... Drugs, alcohol sleeping tablets, u name it, he's taken it.... I've had men knocking my door for money, threats made to me on the phone.... I just don't no what to do, or who to ask for help..... He's been on a rampage for 4 days now, I don't no where he's had the money from, as he lost his job about 10 months ago..... Can anybody relate to this please......  My only option is to get him sectioned ...


breaking point
30 Nov 2013

Hi Rosie, Know how you feel. I tried to get my daughter sectioned (she is a 20 year old alcoholic and substance user). The police told me (this was after she was violent and trashed the house) that you can't get someone sectioned for alcoholic abuse.  We have lurched from crisis to crisis, our lives have been intolerable as she refuses all offers of help. she has just been thrown out of her 3rd rented room and is threatening to harm the landlord. I spend my whole life trying to manage the situation and stop it from escalating. Today I am at breaking point, we have an emergency assessment meeting on Monday to try and get her referred to detox. If that fails me and my husband are selling our house and moving away and cutting our ties with her. My daughter sounds exactly like your son. I think my daughter has a mental health problem but the dr wouldn't assess her until she had stopped drinking for 3 months! You just end up going round in circles. The sad thing is I'd like to be able to offer you some solutions but being in the same situation myself I know there is very little that can be done as he is an adult. All I can suggest is that you tell him you love him but for your own health and sanity you need some distance from him. If he chooses to get help you will be there for him. I wish you luck Rosie.

6 Dec 2013

Hello ladies my don is 22. Drug user, mg problems, aspergers. Life has been a hell hole for 7 years. Finally a month or so ago I couldn't take anymore. I went to drugfam and oasis. My life is now changing. It's called tough love. It's so bloody hard. Impossible some days, ok others and on really bad days feels like my heart is being wrenched out of my bad. I feel so sad. But with drugfam and oasis I am coping most of the time. Pain never goes but I'm learning to manage it. Make contact with one if them. It really will help. X

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