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History repeats itself

Posted by Ted on 16 February 2013.

I have just discovered that my son is smoking weed.  He admitted to me that he has tried it but denies smoking it.  Im shocked that he is going down this terrible path because his uncle, my brother, who has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia for the last 8 years has been smoking weed for years.  My son has seen the suffering his uncle has gone through and the hell we have gone through as a family because of his addiction.  My son doesn't want to carry on with college although he is a very bright 17 year old.  He stays out late with his mates every night who are also smoking weed.  I saw a grinder and he said that it belongs to his friends.  Im very frightened because Ive seen what drugs do to teenagers and adults.  I have seen my brother in a phychiatric ward because of his ongoing cannabis addiction, he also now has a gambling addiction.  Cannabis leads to destruction and mental illness.   It is a road to hell.  Im seeking advice so I can help my son before he becomes an addict.  I hope Im not too late.   My advice to all teenagers is 'You know cannabis is bad, so don't try it'.  Im going to do a drug test on my son.  This is to confirm to him I know what he is doing and that Im not funding his habit.  One thing I have learnt from the experience with my brother is that you dont fund their addiction.  It will only make this worse.   If he wants to carry on smoking weed he is going to have to earn his own money.  Its called tough love.

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