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Posted by Veronica on 4 October 2013.

My 28 year old daughter has a daily habit with weed (cannabis). Basically she says she needs it to get through the day.  i have tried every help to find for her but she is an adult and only she can want to stop. I had great hopes for her as she went to Univercity and got a degree. SHE CAME HOME FROM uNI AND WAS ALREADY HOOKED ON CANNABIS.
Many people will think this is not a problem compared to some drug use, however she met a young man and now has two children they are very young babies ad she is still smoking more than ever. She is not with the man now and i have helped her so much but now i am fed up with her weekly demands to borrow money. I buy shoes and clothes for the children i buy three packs of nappies a week and also food. On several occasions i have put electric money on her electric key as she has said she has ran out of money.  It is making me ill now as when i refuse to meet her demands she calls me all the names going and tells me to stay away from my grand-children. i feel like i need to take a step back and just leave her to it, i adore the grand-children but she is doing things how she wants to do them. i cannot afford to keep giving her money and will stop doing it, i know where she buys the cannabis and i know what she pays for it, and it is money that should go on her children i am starting to resent my daughter for being so selfish when she has two beautiful children.
What more can i do, I will not report her to Social Services although i am concerned about the children.

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