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How can I protect my 6 year old granddaughter

Posted by Neelie on 16 February 2014.

My daughter-in-law and son are seperated. My granddaughter lives with her mother and maternal grandparents in another state. Her mother is actively using heroin.  My granddaughter found an eye-glass case in the home containing syringes. My daughter-in-law and her mother have had verbal and physical fights in the presence of my granddaughter. A couple of days ago my daughter-in-law borrowed my son's car and didn't return until the next day. My son found syringes in the trunk of his car when he confronted my daughter-in-law, she screamed at him and punched him in the face. I think that since her parents are going to allow their daughter to live in their home, my son has no choice but to remove my granddaughter from this unsafe and unhealthy environment.  He seems reluctant to do this because she is in her first year of school. I say her health and safety should come first and he has an obligation to protect her. I did call the department of child and family safety to report the situation because it keeps getting worse. I also called the local police dept. I plan to call my granddaughters school to inform them of the situation. I'm beside myself as my son isn't taking his daughter out of this awful situation and his mother-in-law and father-in-law are allowing their daughter to live in their home while she uses drugs. My daughter-in-law has a long history of drug abuse and has been incarcerated.  Please advise.


sad and tired
16 Feb 2014

you are doing the right things.  you need to protect your granddaughter.  Could your son have her full time or you.  If so continue reporting her until something is done.  You will never forgive yourself if something dreadful happens.  Good luck

16 Feb 2014

Thank you for responding to my story. I told my son he is welcome to stay here with my granddaughter as long as he wants. I think part of his reluctance is not wanting to deprive his in-laws of their granddaughter and uprooting her from their home. But with the situation the way it is, he needs to get her out of their home.  I will keep doing what ever I need to do to try to get them the help they need.

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