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How didn't I realise sooner my 18 year old son had a drug problem?

Posted by Meg11 on 17 February 2014.

In the last few years I saw my sons personality change. I thought it was because he was struggling growing up. He always found school difficult and never learnt to read or write properly due to being dyslexic. He's had to go through life with people making fun of him and telling he was stupid, so I always tried to make allowances for his behaviour. But today something clicked with me and I realised there was no excuse for how easily he was flying into a rage and blaming everyone else for the things going wrong in his life. He's admitted he's been smoking weed since he was 15 and now suddenly a lot of things make sense over how he's behaved over the last few years. Has anyone got any advice on how to deal with this ? As he doesn't see he has a problem but his explosive temper is so difficult to live with and I fear for the effect it's having on my two younger boys. I would be grateful for any advice.


sad and tired
18 Feb 2014

all I can say is get advice from places like open road.  Most people have told me use tough love, don't give money etc.  I wish it had clicked with me earlier but it didn't.  Good luck

26 Feb 2014

Thank you for the comment. At the moment I am trying tough love, but it's not easy, it's feels like waiting to see who will be first to give in. Good luck to you and your son. Nobody knows how difficult it is until they are faced with these problems.x

sad and tired
26 Feb 2014

its not easy to be hard on your child, its natural to want to protect.  God I know that so well, but I wont give money now, he is living with me so I know he is eating and where he is which is something.  I wont help with his debts anymore because it doesn't help long term just gives him more cash to use on what he wants.  you are right no one knows the worry and hell drugs cause until they have been there.  xx stay strong

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