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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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How is everyone????????????

Posted by CANT TAKE NO MORE on 25 April 2014.

Just been catching up, and thinking of you all.....Stay strong !!!! sending cyber hugs to you all xxx


25 Apr 2014

hi Susie love, hope you are well, tryin my hardest to keep strong, its a lot easier to give advice to others but following that advice is much harder, Ive not caved in yet and I think its beginning to sink into my sons drug addled brain that I mean every word I say, im not the soft touch that I used to be I hope so cos its breaking my heart but I know its the only way forward, I refuse to let it rule my life anymore, its up to him now he knows the rules I will support him if and when he is ready to give up the drugs, but until then he is on his own, that means no hand outs, no paying overdue bills etc, I have stressed to family and close friends not to help him, I feel so mean but this is the only way he might come to understand that his behaviour is unacceptable to us all, Im not looking for miracles just cant go on as before , its all about choices and its my choice to slam and lock the door on drugs just as its his to destroy his life, Ive rambled again, writing it down helps, take care hunny sending those hugs back to you, 
love Sue Xxxxx

26 Apr 2014

Hi took me a few years to smell the coffee as it were....its hard and giving in is all part and parcel of that road hunni....I sill feel mean now, but there is far more quiet in our lives.....Saw my son yesterday, nearly 2 weeks for him without mcat in his system.....before that he did a week and had a hit, then got back on the horse......I dont say anything about the drugs, but I hugged him yesterday ad told him I was praying for him, and that he deserved to be happy......he kissed me on the cheek, and said I will get there mum.......Hes back in court Wednesay then hes looking at 3 months......Sue your not locking the door on the him, just not being part of his life while he does drugs.....I know how hard and  you have tried, god, you have tried its up to him...sending hugs xxxxx

28 Apr 2014

Hi Susie and Sue, hope your both keeping well. I am ok, going to see my son tomorrow it's his 30th birthday..seen him last wk and he looks tons better, there are drugs in the jail he is in, but so far he tells me he hasnt been tempted.. Also back with my partner and things are good again with us..I am finding it very hard to forgive my boy at the mo, I feel he has totally ruin his life, the only thing he has got to look forward to now is a very long time in prison : ( its just so sad, he use to be such a lovely lad.. hope your boy's come good for you, love fiona xxx

28 Apr 2014

Hey Fi luv, was wondering how things were...Glad you forgave your partner, and so glad your back together.....Drugs ruin families, peoples hopes and is the evil of our world....My son was in YO AS A 17 YEAR old and said it was like a holiday camp....But come Wednesday he will be going to prison.....maximum 3 months, but I really hope he has time to think about the sh** life he has led so far....We all want the best for our kids, but they need to want it too....sending out luv n hugs to you and all the other mothers and father here xxx

29 Apr 2014

Prison can be a deterrant for some, but my son had his first hit of heroin in jail, so I cant even kid myself this wont happen again.. he came out a heroin addict,, I have just got to hope history doesnt repeat its self and what ever jail he ends up in isnt full of drugs :(  xxx

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