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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Posted by fifi65 on 12 March 2014.

My son has been home 4 days doing a cold turkey, coming off heroin and crack cocaine. He smiled today ; ) he is really struggling folks, I am not really religious but please pray for him, if there is a god he may be listening!! I've got everything crossed I hope it works this time. please please please get him through it!!! xx


13 Mar 2014

hi Fiona I hope and pray that this time he will succeed, and you will get some peace of mind, as much as I get strength from this site it is also heartbreaking reading how many others are in our situation, its so hard to comprehend how this vile drug causes so much pain and suffering, keep strong love and I do believe there is a god so will be praying hard for us all take care
love Sue xx

14 Mar 2014

Im praying for you Fifi 65 and him.....praying that this is HIS time to love himself enough and get through the hell.....massive hugs, hope and love xxxx

14 Mar 2014

Thank you Ladies, Im walking on egg shells today, I had to leave him for 5hrs whilst I took my mam for an op, He says he didnt go out, but Im not sure :( He is very quite and looks really down..My gut instincts are normally right, but I just dont know this time :( Tomorrows another day I will hang on in there and hope!! Got no option , feeling very edgy tonight xxx

24 Mar 2014

Hey fifi65 how are things going? Hope all is well x

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