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i am so lost right now

Posted by kimmie on 12 June 2013.

ok where  do I start  my husband drinks  is abusive he has been drinking for along  time just to day I got police to remove him as I wouldn't let  him  in the house so he slept in a tent in the bk garden my husband did go on a 73 aa meetings  which he has started drinking again in the  last 3 weeks heavy  I have tried speaking with him I have tried  the tuff love  thing  my son gave me a op just there now that my grand kids are not allowed to come to  my house while he is here I am torn apart as I love my husband  as we both  have full blown aids  and our time on this earth  is limited  I come from a family that my mom dad brother  died of liver failure and both my  sisters killed them self with drugs and drink  I hate drink with a pashion  and swore to myself I never become one of them  and I haven't but I am at a loss right now sitting on my  bed  debaiting weither I should end my own life  and then no one will  argue  or fight  the only thing that is keeping  me not to is my dogs no one understands that pain I am feeling right now  the loss I am going through  I am soo lost I need  some one   just tell me its  gonna be ok I need some one to step in and take this all away from  me  pls help


19 Jun 2013

The only person you can save here is yourself. It is pointless trying to change your husband or get into arguments with him. If he is violent and/or abusive you have the right to have him barred from the house. I rather suspect you are reluctant to do this. There is help though.  It would be a good idea to go along to a family support group nearby - perhaps an adfam one  or there are plenty of al anon meetings at different locations. There you will find lots of people in the same situation who will give you tips on how to restore your own happiness - regardless of whether your husband continues drinking. Until you can find such a meeting - remember it is absolutely not your job to try and control or cure him. Remember too you are not alone. Talking to others in the same situation and learning how they cope will help. Good luck

Doing the best that I can
20 Jun 2013

I don't know what to say apart from I read it feel in hell myself but want you to know that someone is listening even if they don't know what to do, read my blog called happening now don't know if we can help each other at the moment but maybe we can get stronger from it

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