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I feel so sad. My 15 year old son has just supplied his 16 year old sister with weed

Posted by MumOf2 on 15 March 2018.

This may seem tame compared with many of the tragic stories on here, but my 15 year old son has today come home with weed for his older sister.  I fear that this is the start of the slippery slope, because so many of the children in our "very safe middle class area" are taking all sorts of drugs. 
I've been aware that there's a massive drug problem for some time.  When my daughter was in Y9, some of the children (mainly boys) were taking rhino tranquilizer and all sorts.  They've been worried about their friends, some of whom are suffering from memory problems.  One lad went to the doctor with his Mum complaining of headaches and memory loss, but didn't explain what he'd been taking, so has had numerous investigations, without the doctors being able to work out the cause.  
I thought my children were sensible, following all the discussions we've had.  A year ago, my daughter went to a party just before her GCSE's and phoned us within half an hour, because she was frightened by the amount of drugs available and the behaviour of the boys towards her.  However, in the short time that it took us to drive to collect her, someone had shoved a spliff in her mouth and she found she quite enjoyed the experience.  We picked her up, staggering down the country road (don't be fooled by the big houses, it means nothing) within a couple of minutes walk from a major A road.   Anyone could have grabbed her, she was completely drunk and half stoned.  Sadly, she has become curious about weed after that and has taken small amounts since then at secondary school.  However, despite phoning the police about the Class A drugs that a lot of the kids have moved on to, the police don't really seem to do much about it.  The local KFC is one place where the dealers hang outside, the local skateboard park is another. Even the private school children have drugs taken into them by the pizza delivery man.  In Brighton, the smell of weed is everywhere - this never happened when I grew up in the area.  Kids who earn pocket money are spending it on drugs and plenty are earning money by buying and selling all sorts of small gadgets from Amazon, even if they don't have a paper round.  What the hell is going on in this country?


Icarus Trust
20 Mar 2018

Hi Mum of Two,
Thank you for posting. it is such a scary world for our children and I share your concern. 
If you would feel the need  to talk through any of your concerns please contact us at The Icarus Trust. We are a charity that provides support for people having to deal with the addictive behaviours of family members.
You can contact us on or visit the website
All the best.

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