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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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i have the same problem

Posted by grannie on 5 July 2014.

My son is now 38 he started on drugs at 15 years old we have been through everything the mental torture the begging phone calls etc this was mostly in his early twenties , we still get them but not as much he lives on his own and the flat is a tip he looks like a tramp and was never ever an untidy child I have been heartbroken so many times i cannot begin to tell you , I think now I have just become hardened to it all and heard the stories so many times I switch off . What more can we do I try to take food over but now he has ripped out all the electrics , probably to sell so he can not warm anything up in the micro wave so I brought it home as when he is out of it he could eat it raw or cold and get food poising he also has hepatitis C and will not go to his hospital appointments . How long will this last


6 Jul 2014

Feel for you....Addiction is an evil thing that grips the whole family and those who love the addict.....Isnt it sad at what lengths they stoop for their choice of drug....stay strong  hunni and know you are not alone x

6 Jul 2014

Thank you I have carried this burden for 20 years only me and my husband know the true extent of his drug taking, I only told one of my sisters last week , she has not mentioned it since. We dont know whether to give up or keep going I know one day I will get the knock on the door to say the worst.

10 Jul 2014

Hey grannie....I have removed myself from any contact with my son for the foreseeable future....we have had 4years of hell...he has just spent 7weeks in prison and is back in court next week...I am ashamed,disgusted with him, and at times hate sad is that? I constantly think I will outlive him...heart breaking!

10 Jul 2014

What I will say is let him get on with it...whatever you do it will never be enough....feel your pain Hunni, and hope you make a decision that's right for you xxxx

16 Jul 2014

hi love, 
you have just mirrored my story, Ive had 18 yrs of living this nightmare, some not as bad as others but I can honestly say that through this time even when he had been through detox I have not had total peace of mind, at the moment its sheer hell but like you both I have had enough, my son knows we will be there for him if gives up the drugs but refuse to be part of the life he has chosen, I cant stress enough that our sons have CHOICES !!!! although its hearbreaking thats the sad truth and theres not a thing we can do to change that, Sorry to seem so negative, but there is no easy solution, you must do what you feel is right for you, 
take care of yourself love and keep strong
love Sue Xxx

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