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I want to leave him

Posted by louisekatie on 3 February 2014.

i have been with my partner nearly 6 years, he has started using heroin again, we have 2 beautiful sons and for there sake i need 2 leave him i just don't know were to start. he dose not have any family he dose not have any were else to go i am at the end now sick of him denying it then making it out to be my fault, i don't trust him any more. non of my family know and i have kept to myself for years,


9 Feb 2014

I am in a very similar situation. I have been with  him 6 years two children he has been smoking heroin for all ov his adult life on n off for nearly twenty years he is nearly 35. He has been to prison n rehab regularly went na etc thru the years he isnt in denial he has done lots of work around his addiction over the years too the situation for me n him now is after bein clean for around 4 months thru rehab he has used a handful ov times over the past couple ov months i no its on him now n wots ahead ov usn im not willing or wanting to go thru this again but he only has me i love n care for him nhe is homeless if i tell him to leave if he stays im scared of him not being able to stop at this point of his using i just feel torn n gutted for him.

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