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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Is it just me??

Posted by fifi65 on 14 March 2014.

I have just noticed I havent seen any dad's on here, so many heartbroken mam's sisters etc.. My son's father is a waste of space, I blame him for introducing my son to drugs, I got rid of him when my son was 6yrs as I didnt want a junkie for his father.. they met up when my son was 18yrs ( its been drugs ever since) I didnt hate he's father, I pitied him!! but boy do I hate him now, Its ironic because my son hates him to now.. instead of giving him love that scumbag gave him heroin .. beggers belief but thats what happened : ( xxx


15 Mar 2014

wow, thats made me a father can be so selfish is beyond is your son Fifi???

15 Mar 2014

Aw im sorry I made you cry :(  I loved his father very very much, but I loved my son more to bring him up in that situtation.. thats why it kills me even more to think drugs got my boy in the end anyway and his father even gave it to him to spite me, I don't know that for sure but it wouldnt surprise me if he did.. He is doing ok, near slip the other day but I caught him, cried and begged him to hang on, self medicating  with weed and valium but think the heroin is out of his system now, thanks for asking hun, hope your ok lv fiona xx

19 Mar 2014

Hey Fiona......I say a prayer for all our children each night and I really hope your son is braving it out.....Your son has  a wonderful mother by the sounds of it....sending you love and hope xxx

24 Mar 2014

Im a dad and my heart is breaking for my 18 year old son. i have posted on here

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