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It's got to be the end now

Posted by Weary on 26 April 2014.

My daughter, now 35, has been abusing drugs for many years. In all that time she has managed to hold down a job but never has any money, it all goes on the drugs. 

Time and time again I have baled her out. When she was pregnant she promised things would change and I took out a loan to cover her debts. 

Of course, nothing did change and she carried on. I feel such a fool that it took me so much time to recognise when she had been taking drugs but, my god, I do now, it's like she's holding up a sign!

I've fallen for all the lies and false promises. When I last confronted her she broke down and promised to sort out her debts and to go to counselling. I even gave her money directly to pay off the drug dealer to help with the fresh start. 

When she got paid she told me she had no money in the bank as her pay day loans had been taken out. Like a fool I believed her and filled her car with diesel and paid her phone bill. 

The counselling lasted two sessions and I believe we're back to square one. I feel like such an idiot subsidising her drug habit. 

She, her partner and my grandson live in a small converted building on my property. I've tried everything, I've been lied to, stolen from, she even stole my husband's debit card last summer and got through about two thousand in a week, and she's still here!

I can't take it any  longer. I want my grandson to remain here as I play a large part in his upbringing but my daughter has to go, I'm at the end of my tether and I know nothing will change as long as I keep paying out. Of course, it's all my fault that she's this way!

My grandson must come first.


26 Apr 2014

Hi sad that you are living with this like all of us...the lies, deceit and lack of trust breaks us down day by day.....can I ask is her partner on drugs???? ITS NOT YOUR FAULT, sure you will eventually make the decision that suits your family....big hugs xx

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