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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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It's only me again :(

Posted by fifi65 on 20 February 2014.

So angry this evening folk's, feeling really bitter toward's my son.. If i've ever needed him most it's now, caring for my elderly mam, dad in care home given 24 hrs to live last night ( pulled through thank god) and he is nowhere to be seen!!! He promised me last week he would call and let me help him, telephoned all the drug places for him, after much grovelling got someone who was willing to see us, He obviously doesn't want to go Arrgh ..Why can't I just stop thinking about him? like he can me!!!! Rant over need my bed :( xxx


21 Feb 2014

oh Fiona its never ending love, I have never come across anyone more selfish than an addict, when will they stop and realise what they are doing to us. My son is just as bad no thought for anyone but himself, after days of no one being able to contact him, his brother found him and he had the nerve to call myself n his dad uncaring, i was speechless, he said he had got no support off any of his family and that we wouldnt care if he was dead, if my heart wasnt already broken it certainly would be now, these last few hopeful years are meaningless now, how can he say these hurtful things?  I cant make things better for you I truly wish I could, keep strong for your mum and dad they are the ones that need your care and love, and lets hope that maybe one day they will come to understand what they are putting us through and have the courage to change, take care Fiona love you will get through this,
love Sue Xxxxxx

22 Feb 2014

Thank you Sue : ) I will be going to see one of the counsellors myself on Tuesday, will be better if James turns up and comes with me but cant really see that happening at present. If it wasn't so serious it would be bloody laughable the way they switch it that we are the selfish uncaring people.. God what does that shit do to your brain at tall !!!! Have a nice wk/end Sue, chin-up we live to fight another day : ) xxx

sad and tired
25 Feb 2014

I know how you feel, my son always says everything is my fault, my fault he stays out all night, my fault he spends all his money and runs into debt.  Its me who is paranoid despite seeing messages to his friends about what he does and finding what I think is drug paraphanalia in his room.  Despite me loving him even though he acts as though he hates me and verbally abuses me at every opportunity.  xxx  Drugs affect the whole family.

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