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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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It all started with a messy break up and a chance meeting with a old friend

Posted by Squidgy on 7 August 2015.

So wow how do I start so around 12yr ago I split from the mother of my child and moved back to old town and into my dads started going out on weekends and bumped in to an old friend who said here take this it will help you forget your troubles that was my 1st ever Mdma pill and I was hooked that carried on for years with cocaine chucked in when the funds could affort it then legal highs arrived and Meow was my new drug of choice until the ban then I went thru a stage of testing all the new legals that came out got addicted to legal weed got a stupidly high tollerance to the legal ket variation Mxe anyway jump 12yr on and I've now managed to kick everything except vodka and coke the coke addiction is costing me and my partner around £300 a week and we can easily do a bottle of vodka in a night we also take valium and weed to help with the comedown I have been prescribed Prozac to help with the depression my drug abuse has caused I really need to stop this cycle im in my 40's and really need to grow up or at this rate im going either end up seriously ill or in so much debt I will lose everything...Can anyone help?? Thanks in advance


25 Aug 2015

Go to Addaction support centre they will support you get you on a med script one to one counciling and group sessions
Try it you will get on the road to recovery they can even offer rehab
Good luck

28 Aug 2015

Hey Squidgy....i feel so sad reading your post...I'm a mother of a lad of 25 who has done drugs for several years and is trying to get his life sorted...he was in recovery for over a year, had a great job and relapsed...I'd hate to think my son could be doing drugs in his 40s...the depression is a side effect of all the drugs you do, including prescription.....please, please, please take that step, cause Anne 1 has given great is easier to handle when your not taking drugs /alcohol/prescription drugs to get through the day...good luck Hunni xxx

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