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It has to be the end

Posted by vince on 1 December 2014.

Just another sad story, after 12 months of trying to help a 25 year old mother of 3 to get off crack and heroin, i have now come to the end.
She has been in hospital twice this year, first time i dragged her from a crack house 1 month after asking her to leave my house because of the lies.
She was clean for 4 months while with me. One day back in coventry and she was hooked again i blamed myself so when she took ill and after 6 weeks in hospital i took her back in.
I couldn't cope with her so got her into a support hostel with security and keyworkers with in 6 weeks she was back on it again because people in there were taking drugs in and when i asked the staff way this was allowed they just said how can we stop them.
So i let her get on with it only to find out that she gave up drugs so she could go on holiday with her son and mum, which is great but then it hit me. She can give up when she wants to.
After she came back from her hols she went back again and went to work the streets.
Great my fault again, so she said, anyway got a call from her mum last week to say she is back in hospital, so off i go again to sort things out, she said  it will never again so i started to make plans for her again, had a phone chat with her yesterday which sounded odd so went to visit her without saying so, only to find the nurses running around trying to find her, o yes i found her with another junkie in the carpark taking drugs.
I find this disgusting when in hospital being treated for drug abuse 
She has done nothing but lie to me for months and will never tell the truth, so i have just woke up and told her she is on her own, i feel very sad and hurt but i have to do this for my own sake.
I know people out there will say iam wrong but i can't do it any more, its making me ill.
This is a very sort account of what has been going on, sleepless nights, out most nights dragging her away from perverts on the streets, endless phone calls, and feeling sick every time the phone rings thinking something has happened.
I hope i havn't got this wrong but i know she dosen't want to give it all up yet i hope she does before its to late.
Anyway thats about it and i wouldn't have got this far if it wasn't for the help from my wife.
Its another sad story which isn't helped by the unhelpful work,, from the drug and housing so called professionals of coventry who are paid to help these people, i can only describe it as a bloody joke. Good luck to the rest of you but iam to tired now to deal with it, i hope she proves me wrong


1 Dec 2014

Sorry for the bad English in my story.

Icarus Trust
2 Dec 2014

Hi Vince,
Sorry to hear your story. You have done a fantastic job trying to support someone with an addiction and I can see how hurt and angry you are. Sadly many people are affected like yourself and its really hard. I hope you find some support for yourself by posting on this site.
If you would like to talk to others with similar experiences as yourself, Icarus Trust is a charity which helps people like you who are dealing with supporting an addict.
You can contact us on or visit the website
All the best.

13 Mar 2015

Just to let you all know, that the friend I was helping has past away, what a waste of a young life.
I will now spend my time helping to put a stop to drugs and those low life dealers, I know it's also up to the person taking them to stop but from my time spent with my friend it's also very hard for them because drugs are far to easy to get hold of.
I hope I can do some good in the years to come.
R.i.p Stacey xx

Icarus Trust
23 Mar 2015

Hi Vince
So sorry to hear the end of the story. I am sure that you will support lots of other people in memory of your friend. 
Good luck.

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