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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Katies story

Posted by pickles on 20 February 2018.

I liked listening to Katie’s story yes it does leave a stigma and no matter what it will always be there from my parents perspective the daughter that stole, lied the low life druggie! They know how much I struggle even now with money or just help a break through recharge my batteries looking after 3 children can be exhausting even though people think ah that’s a easy job. It seems as though I’ve told my mum how the depression just comes and lays me to bed but like the drugs she really is not interested and I wonder when I look at her she is a miserable moaning woman, did she actually love me or want me and how on earth did she give up her 3 children with her previous marriage, how can both my parents look down there nose at me yet she used to take uppers and downers as they called them and tried to take a overdose, stole from my nan and lied. My dad before I was born on a drunken night out there friends asked for a lift home knowing he had been drinking still drove and knocked down and killed a moped driver and drove off! He still now drink drives whether it’s only 2 pints and a can in doors he is still over the limit! So I find myself questioning how can either of them look down there nose at me. So much goes through my mind and yes it bothers me why they have been like this towards me and also what my eldest remembers of what I was like and done does he hate me ? I hope not but I wish I knew. I only know that if my children do anything they shouldn’t yes I’ll be annoyed but never will I turn my back on them and they will always come first before I completely move on in a relationship as I know my partner wants us to live together but not with my eldest but sorry we are a package and yes he can be nasty but who knows how he feels  and I have to take that into account.


Icarus Trust
27 Feb 2018

Hi Pickles,
Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear how let down  by your parents you feel. Its also hard for you that you may have to choose between your partner and your eldest. Do you have any one else that you can talk to? 
You might like to contact The Icarus Trust as we are  charity providing support to people who find themselves in similar situations to yourself. We have a team of Family Friends, one of whom could be assigned to you to listen and help you to find help.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Good luck.

27 Feb 2018

I will get in touch with you as feel everything is getting very much on top of me

Icarus Trust
20 Mar 2018

Sorry to hear that. Hope we can help.

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