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living with an alcoholic

Posted by shell66 on 16 January 2015.

Im married to an alcoholic who denys he hasa problem. Im up to my eyes in debt, work my arse off even tho he sits there everyday doing nothing but drink an watch tv!. Im ill myself have back problems an a prolapse womb, christmas an new year were a nightmare, i think i would be so much happier if he moved out, i cant bear talking to him anymore, sick of empty promises to change, my kids are sick to deathof coming home to an atmosphere!. Please help, i cant help him anymore, the only thing that makes him smile is a drink :(


Icarus Trust
19 Jan 2015

There are people who could help you cope with what is a very difficult situation. The Icarus Trust is a charity which supports  families and friends  who are having to deal with a loved one's addiction. Talking with one of our trained volunteers called 'Family Friends' may help you to make sense of how you are feeling and help you find a way ahead. They would also signpost you to what other help is available.
You can contact us on or visit the website
This is a free service so hope that if you make contact you find it helpful and supportive. Good luck!

20 Jan 2015

hello, im a son(just turned 15 in november14) of an alcoholic who has currently moved out since august. my xmas eve night and new years eve were the worst nights of my life in 2013. your story is identical to mine, my dad aswell as your husband denyed being one. its the hardest thing to deal with. since he has moved out my mum has became more of herself but myself, i am in tears almost every night. only being able to see my dad every few months is the hardest thing. i can never been happy since although every day i try my best to put on a brave face. please get back to me asap as im interested in helping you, good luck with everything

23 Jan 2015

 "goffo 1". 
I am so sorry your missing your dad, and i know it must be very hard for you too, but my husband makes us all sad. Only happy when he's drinking, complaining about everything, calls my children names, i say children they are 19 and 23 now and have had enough too. Ive had furniture thrown across rooms, fighting, but its the everyday life that i just cant cope with anymore. I come home to sit in a kitchen, dont get me wrong its a lovely kitchen,but he sits in the living room by himself watching tv an drinking. So selfish its untrue, no matter how ill i am he still never helps. I had an operation last year and the day i came out of hospital he attempted to cook my tea, out of his face!!! My daughter took over. I am sick of living on egg shells always trying to keep things calm, he will never change. I just want him to leave but he has no where to go. His own blood family dont want to know him. Hoping your ok

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