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me and my now ex girlfriend

Posted by DAVE on 25 January 2011.

We met 4  years ago and  within days she told me of her addiction to prescription drugs. This wasnt an isue to me it didnt change my view of her at all.
We spent every second of everyday together and fell inlove.Anyway a month or two  later we moved in together .Everything was great between us but she slowly started getting worse and buying tablets over the counter ontop of her  prescription.
Eventually she asked me if i would help her to find some help to get of the drugs. So we did some research and got her into a detox and a rehab centre.While she was there we spoke on the phone every day somedays she would phone me 3 or 4 times. We wrote letters back and forth.
 I was missing her and she was missing me.
Then sudenly one day she phoned me up and said 'we have to split up for a bit '.
This came as such a shock as everything had been fine between us up till now.
I spoke to a friend who said maybe her body was going through alot of changes without the drugs and she wasnt thinking straight
and just to give her time.
Anyway shes out now and drug free .shes told me we can never get back together.
I want to talk to her aboute her reasons for splitting up with me but dont know if shes strong enough to  yet and i dont want to cause her to step backwards.
I have such mixed emotions and am so confused. im so happy shes doing so good but i miss being with her so much and i feel angry for her splitting up with me from there.
But guess i just have to be proud of her for getting clean.

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