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My Boy xxx

Posted by fifi65 on 3 April 2014.

Ive seen my son..
I love my son no matter what xxx


4 Apr 2014

He always will be your son Fiona and like me you hate what he has and is doing but love the boy who is your son, hold onto the many many good and happy memories that im sure you have, Ive not seen my son for over a month now and its so hard but im informed that somehow he has managed to keep hold of his flat so at least he has a roof over his head but unfortunately has got several "friends" staying with him, god only knows what state he is in, I am determined to stand by my resolve and have no contact I cannot continue to live my life as I have for many years so something has got to change and I cant see it being him. Its not getting any easier though, all I want is my little boy back and I know thats impossible, too much has happened that cant be undone, im feeling so down tonight as im certain you are, life is so unfair, take care hunny im praying extra hard tonight love Sue Xxxxxx

4 Apr 2014

Hey ladies......our sons will always be our sons...even drugs cant take that way from us....we gave birth to them, we LOVE them unconditionally, but we don't have to live their drug life with them. Fiona, I hope your visit was a good one, and you saw a glimmer of that boy you once knew...... Come on Sue, dont loose your resolve, you are an amazing mum, and your son knows it!!!!!! Us not enabling our sons is right...right for them and right for us.....Keep strong ladies, we can get through it...we just need to change certain things in our lives to do it.....luv to you all xxxxxxx

4 Apr 2014

Thanks Susie I know you are right, its just so hard I feel as though im losing my mind I just cant stop thinking about him and what hes up to, I spent the whole night last night laid thinking of all me and the rest of my family have gone through what his addiction has meant for us, its just not fair that one person can cause so much pain and suffering, My youngest son is coming over to take me to his home for the weekend, Ive got to get a grip for the sake of everyone they dont need to worry about me on top of everything else. I have got somehow to put the past behind me and move forward maybe after the weekend hey, just so at a loss at what to do to get over this
Thinking of you two lovely ladies I will try to keep strong
love and big hugs 
Sue Xxxx

4 Apr 2014

Sue, your son knows you love hard as it is for your own well being you have to try ans switch off....It has taken me a while, but I simply shut off from it all.....self preservation , or whatever you want to call it....My son is with me now along with my grandson....another day without drugs..but then we have the weekend....I will reserve judgement on what he decides to do.. Have a super time with your other son..relax, and enjoy your son's company..make it one of those YOU moments..cherished time with him......big hugs xxx Susie

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