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My Boyfriend and his Mephedrone Problem‏

Posted by sheena123 on 30 April 2010.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 and a half years, we met when we were young and have had the strongest loving relationship anybody could every wish for.. all up until about 6 months ago.
I noticed that he was acting different around me, he was secretive and sly about everything he did.  I didn't say anything to him and let it carry on for a couple of months thinking nothing of it. It started to get worse, he wasn't sleeping, eating, lost a lot weight, skipping activities he loved such as football, compulsive lying and he had no money..I knew that it had to be a drug problem, although I didn't know what kind of drug he may be taking.
After this I started to keep a close eye on things he did to see if I could catch him out and then one night I did.  I saw him there at the table with two lines of white powder, a bank card and a rolled up piece of paper. My heart sank and I collapsed on a chair in shock.  He wasn't the type to do this kind of thing, he was such a sensitive loving person who would go out of his way to do anything for anyone and now here he was on a week night on his own in the house behind my back snorting to what I thought at the time was cocaine.
Of course, my questions at first were why? How long? And you need to get help.  Unfortunately he was not ready for help at this stage.  He went to counselling sessions but lied to them about his usage and rationalised it in his head to be a much smaller problem than it was. This is when our relationship hit rock bottom.
Everything I mentioned earlier, the lies, the lack of sleep, it carried on happening but on a much larger scale, he has even started saying he would rather kill himself than put me through the hell he does. I felt myself falling into a depressed, frustrated state which obviously didn't help him.  It was so painful to see the person who has done nothing but devote himself to me for the last 6 years become so detached from me.
One night I decided I needed to give him his ultimatum: If you don't stop then that's it between us. It was something he had to do on his own and he knew that.  However In my heart I knew he needed me their if he were to succeed.  I told my family and they were extremely supportive to not just me but him also.  He also told his family who responded in the same way.  

Since knowing that he will probably loose me if he carries on I think he has realised that he needs to stop.  He is now getting help, however still does mephedrone probably around once a week.  It's going to be a long journey but I just keep thinking to myself if you got yourself into this you can get yourself out, right?

I wanted to post my story so that everybody knows how dangerous taking Mephedrone can be, people don't know much about it because it is such a new drug.  I don't know what is going to happen in the future for my boyfriend because there is absolutely no research into what the long term usage effects are of this drug. There needs to be more treatment and support available for people who take this drug and as quickly as possible because If this is what Mephedrone can do to somebody within 6 months think what it can do to somebody who takes it for five years or more.

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