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My boyfriend has anxiety, depression, anger issues and smokes weed

Posted by Penelope on 29 September 2015.

I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years now he was lovely when I first met him, but as time went on things changed we were on and off for a while and he has cheated on me with a prostitue and I have slept with another person when we were on a break, from then on finding out we both were unfaithful he got controlling and very angry ever since he cheated he has been getting outbursts of anger he will spit in my face hit me kick me and literally scream the house down he won't let me leave the house he has spat at his own mum before she is even scared of him when he goes crazy! He won't stop for hours sometimes and it will be over silly things too, I try to leave him all the time but he starts to cry and comes to my house and stresses my mum out and my family, he will Nick his mums car drive over when he dosent have a licence in the night or whenever he pleases, he has smashed my front door glass, he has broke my phone, his mums phone his telly his front room telly, there are holes in the walls at his house were he has chucked mugs and he has smashed up his mums car before as well, he is uncontrollable and I am scared to break up with him even though all of this is happening I still feel bad for not wanting to be in this relationship, I love him and feel bad for everything that has happened between us I know him so well but I can't relax around him I can't go out anywhere I don't have any friends anymore cause I never see anyone because I just don't want the hassle of him questioning were I have been and him not believing me and having an outburst, it's been non stop for about a year I feel drained and forgotten what normal life even feels like, he threatened to come to my work if I finished with him, I'll loose my job and I have had it a week I lay in bed and panic when a car pulls up outside I haven't relaxed in forever, I need help! I am strong enough to take it all but I feel so sad it has come to this, anger can take over someone's life when I truly love this person I want the best for him but I just need to put myself first this time otherwise I will spend my life trying to help him with no outcome...Thanks for listening


29 Sep 2015

I just need abit of advice on how to break up with him?

30 Sep 2015

Hi Penelope, I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties, and thank you for sharing your story. Please can I suggest that you call the National Domestic Violence Helpline, as they will be best placed to give you advice on your situation and what to do next. Their number is 0808 2000 247 and it is free to call, open 24 hours a day, and calls are confidential. You could also look at Women’s Aid’s website, they are the national charity working to keep women and children safe and they have a directory of local support services which you can find here -

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