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my boyfriend just got out of rehab..

Posted by Heather on 2 December 2013.

its hard to start this...Because, I don't know where to begin or who would want to read this story..It will feel better to atleast get off my chest. My boyfriend for the past year and 1/2.. Has been addicted to pain killers. It was okay for awhile I will admit we did do some drugs together and drink but mainly just socially.. not all the time, I had no clue he was getting high on painkiller on a daily basis he would simply lie to my face. It got to the point where I had no idea anymore what was the truth and what was a lie. It got worse when I found out I was pregnant in July of 2013 and miscarried. He would not talk to me about it, Rather his release was drugs. Got to the point where he was stealing his parents things and selling them for drug money, he sold his tv and lied to me about it. well we broke up . didnt speak for a month than he checked him self in to rehab. They had him in treatment for three weeks but it should have been much longer than that.. insurance would not pay for anymore. He is in out patient treatment now... he is very moody and sensitive and I am trying to be as supportive as I can be.. It is hard to change my hole entire life style when I don't have the problem. I am losing patiences... I just feel incredibly lost and helpless. Like What exactly do I need to be doing to help him recover and stand by his side. I want to make this as easy as possible but everything I try has been back firing on me. if anyone has advice or tips or even a book I would absolutely love the help and put it to good use!
Please and thank you because I love him and want this relationship to work. stay strong


2 Dec 2013

I would say youre doing a brilliant job already just being so concerned about him. I think for him, just knowing you will be there for him should be good enough. Unfortunately you cannot do anything he has to do this himself but by him having a strong support group that will help him. It is hard to keep your patience and to wonder what you can do to help. Just you being there for him is as much as you can do, taking things slowly. Just tell him that you are there and you want to help. Sorry if this doesnt help, hope all works out for you.

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