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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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My Daughter

Posted by bertie on 20 November 2013.

A very long story my daughter is 35 and is using methodone and diazpan and has uses much worst she won't engage with services but over the last year has been able to keep her self clean more or less but yesterday she ended up in hospital and when I arrived she was stoned again .After lots of test she was discharged after four days.
I went to see this morning and she has broken my heart again to see her stoned,she said she isn't it's just pain killers but I have seen her so often like this.
I feel totally helpless as her sister and brother won't allow her chaos into there lives.I have brought up her son and her daughter is with her father.
I feel her life style cannot be maintained by her body for much longer and feel so desperate ,I love her but cannot be with her when she is stoned.
I am feeling very emotional and so very sad and I don't know what else to do anymore I am 64 and don't have the emotional stamina  to help her.


recovering mom
24 Nov 2013

Hello Bertie, I am in my late 40's and I too was an addict and I too but my family thru hell. I am now in college, almost finished with my associates and going into my bachelors to become a Substance Abuse counselor....I need to tell you all this because there is hope :)  I have also lost my child to addiction years ago...very sad...BUT, there is hope!! Talk with your daughter/sister and explain to them that their not alone. I was telling somebody else with a similar story how some addicts NEED that opiate because they cannot function is society without's like being a diabetic, they NEED insulin to function.  Believe it or not there are many addicts born with this addiction. Also many addicts have some sort of other disorder, maybe depression. Therefore, she needs help for both of them. Browse around the internet and search for suboxone and it will tell  you all about this remarkable cure. Naturally it will not cure everything, however if she was to be on the subs, plus seek psy help to see what the other disorder is and take that medication as well as the subs, she will feel a LOT better and she can live a happy healthy drug free life. methadone is a full blown opiate, it's like sniffing a bag of heroin...not to mention their teeth fall out from it....whereas the suboxone gives the addict a LIMITED about of opiate and BLOCKS the rest of her receptors in the brain that's telling her "SHE NEEDS MORE". Lets say she decides to sniff some heroin, well it wont work, she will not get high and you don't have to worry every second of your life about her. The only thing it will do is make her sick!!!  This includes alcohol as well, she will not get a "buzz" because the subs are blocking the inner part of her brain that's telling her to use....I will tell you this get into the sub program there IS a WAITING LIST up to a year or longer, the reason for this is because the subs work that good!!!! She can get in the program much sooner if she was to put herself in a rehab facility. She will probably get her "last high" before going in which is ok. You really don't want her going in a place straight and I say this because  if she does...they MAY NOT give her the suboxones, instead they may just wean her off. it sounds to me that she really does need the subs prob for the rest of her life, as I do, and they will give her the right dose, they go by how much one usually uses and how often. So PLAESE tell her to get herself in a facility ASAP. Once she is on the program in there, she will not have to worry about being on a list. She may stay in there for about 10 days and when she's released she will have to do meetings for a while. After her meetings, she will be able to go in the place, usually another building where she admitted herself, and get a whole mth supply. Yes, you have to work at it but it is well worth it. I used when I was in high school, then on and off for MANY MANY years, I did what I'm telling her to do and now look at me, almost going into my bachelors. If she can kick this, she will make one of the best counselors ever just like myself...Good luck to you and she, and I know how you feel, helpless like my mother did...but there is HOPE, it's out there but she has to make the conscious decision, not you ;) if I can be of any more help, please feel free to contact me..God Bless

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