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My drug addict son

Posted by Milo on 6 May 2018.

I only found out about 6 years that my first born son was on coke. I was in shock then as he was a lovable friendly 33 year old. But I had no idea what was to follow for the next 6 years, which I can only describe as hell. I don’t know sometimes how I and my husband have held our jobs down. And we feel we actually contributed to his sddiction by giving him money as he owned property and I was so gullible. It began really or maybe even before when he lost his job but became self employed. He’s an excellent kitchen bedroom fitter, so found works and jobs essy . But he quickly realised cis of his friendly nature that he could talk people into giving him large deposits of cash for a job. We found about him at a time when he owed tons of people money. They started knocking on our doors even though he didn’t live with us . He had a fiancé and a daughter. And a son on the way. So we became the long hard road of helping him and paying of his debtors. He owed thousands. Always the promise it won’t happen again. Always did. My husband had to leave his job because people came into into office looking for him . This last year has been the worse. He has now started stealing from us. He stole debit and credit cards and used them. He stole his sisters card, after he had moved into our house as his girlfriend didn’t want him and his troubles anymore. He never gave her any money. We then threw him out as people said he will never learn. But I found him several times and brought him to get washed and eat. He was living in his car. This last event this week. I found him hiding in our loft. I nearly had heart failure. And now he’s stolen off my sister. Came home yesterday and my husband who’s not well himself was sobbing. Can’t cope much more. Threw him out again but he has no money no phone and now no where to go. Feel so sick and split in several ways. Family is falling to bits. Broken-hearted

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