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my girlfriend is cheating on me

Posted by donna x on 18 February 2015.

I have  been in a relationship for 3 years i've been with this girl she has a mental problem she hides man in the flat i know it sounds funny shipleys me and please me when i confronted her about this problem she tries to put the problem on me it all in my mind she says i need help go to the doctors She says she support me i have recordings of her  as i  sleep  a sexual acts with other men she has drug me with quetiapine is an antipsychotic she sleeps with other men whils iam under the  influence of her prescribe drugs that she slipped into my drink i know this for a fact i have recordings of her she denies everything she has a 20 year old daughter to have sexual sex orgies in the flat and i have recorded this call of the same time i didn't know what to do so i started to record everytime i mention this to her she turns around me she doesn't acknowledge the fact that she's in the wrong she says no guilt or remorse no conscience she has nothing no no feeling she's so cold and the daughter  is exactly the same she plays her daughter as backup for herself seacrest she puts me down to everybody makes out to be that i'm a bully she's made out to people that i'm losing my mind with saying what i've been saying about who cheating but i don't say anything without proof and i have all the proof they need recorded she's completely broke me within 3 years and destroyed me we lived at my flat when i started recording who and daughter what i was working we're having sex g*********** in my living room as a result of this i threw my entire furniture living room bedroom bedding you too my life upside down stress causes a heart attack when i can find out about this she never acknowledged of the fact that this is wrong she never shows any remorse never acknowledged he is wrong it's always me can never ever take responsibility for things she does she has a 20 year old daughter who she has taught well the daught is a carbon copy of her there is also a granddaughter who is a 3 year old i'm worried about her following the same builders mother and daughter i really don't know what to do anymore lately does this every single day everytime i hear a noise she tries to convince me to do something else the b******* that comes out of Her within 3 years she stole my jewelry going to my bank aliens in the morning taking money out of my account i don't know what to do anymoreshe has to know people against me by saying how much of a bully i am how badly he there never heard anything on the head with a bit but i think she's gone compassion she feels nothing she has a black heart she's very wicked i have recording of last wednesday night who was sat in the living room in her flat so i left my dictaphone in my jacket recording the night when playback the recording you've been here people in the flat that wednesday night she had a granddaughter age 3 sleeping in a bed leaving here 2 people having sex in that bedroom what you can also here is she has someone on the balcony you can hear the door open leaving here in walking up and down the corridor from the living room you cannot hear a thing i have a feeling this is this is this many times to me she's very good what you do there's no emotional nothing how can i open up the shoe people what she really is watches become she's a pathological liar with a daughter to back it up which makes me look stupid but as i say i have the proof i just don't know what to do could anybody advise me


Icarus Trust
21 Feb 2015

Hi Donna,
I'm wondering whether you have talked to your doctor about how you are feeling because you are obviously really stressed by the whole situation. 
Or you might like to talk to one of our trained volunteers at The Icarus Trust. We are a charity which helps to support people who are dealing with addiction. We offer a free service called 'Family friends ' and you could talk to one of our trained volunteers if you get in touch.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Good luck!

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