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My husband won’t stop using cocaine

Posted by Cozza on 23 February 2018.

Hi I’m 56 and have been married for 20 years
My husband had since we met taken drugs recreational first speed and over latter years cocaine. He had made numerous promises to stop but never does he lies even when caught red handed he also has used sex lines when high. When he hasent had drugs he is the most loving xaring man you could meet and is my soulmate. We have separated several times but I end up taking him back. He spends most of his wages on cigarettes and coke and does not contribute financially. We have split yet again and he has admitted he does not feel he will ever stop and this time he is trying to sell house so we can both move on. I can’t belive I mean so little to him that he would rather have a life of coke than with me whom he says he still loved but keeps letting me down. Can anyone help me


Icarus Trust
27 Feb 2018

Hi Cozza,

It was sad to read your post and hear how badly affected you are by your husband's addiction. 

You might like to talk with us at The Icarus Trust as we are a charity that provides support to the family and friends of people with addictive behaviours.

We have a team of Family Friends, one of whom could be assigned to you to listen and help you to find help.

You can contact us on or visit the website

I hope that this helps.

22 Apr 2018

I’m in a similar place - and I’m sorry your going through this - please please remember it’s easy to feel that it’s us that’s not enough and why don’t they love us enough to stop or to change - that’s not true though - it’s a compulsive pattern of behaviour- they can’t help it to an extent - once they get on coke that’s it - there is no rhyme or reason - I don’t have an answer to solve your issue but know this - you ar enough and his addiction is not a reflection on you

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