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My limit

Posted by Joan on 21 March 2014.

My son has severe schizophrenia, diagnosed at 16, and has been an addict for ten years (he's now 28).  Throughout his life, I have tried many many things to help him, but seemingly to no avail.  He's addicted to crack cocaine, meth, grass, and alcohol, etc.  He had a shocking experience last year, when a homeless person who he let stay at his Section apartment almost died of an overdose.  He found religion after that and was sober for 9 months, attending art school and getting straight A's.  Then two months ago, a so-called friend gave him meth, and he's been on a downward spiral ever since.  He's lost his inspiration from religion (and I believe this particular church has both helped and harmed him).  However, two weeks ago, he checked into a 3-month rehab house, but alas, he's not been able to sustain sobriety.  His schizophrenia makes him impulsive and irratic.  Last night he sold his phone to get crack.  He's at my place today, but I've lost my patience.  I won't let him stay with me if he's on drugs.  His Section 8 apartment is horrible, with no hot water most of the time and no trash collection; it's also bug infested.  What can I do?


24 Mar 2014

Oh Joan, it's a nightmare isn't it? You sound like your doing everything you can, and you also sound very low and tired....know that feeling ! Are the church any support at all, could they help? I agree that he shouldn't stay with you whilst on his father around at all to help, or other family....he sounds lost doesn't he? Is he taking his Medication ?if he's irratic, and impulsive is he on the right meds? Just a thought Hunni! As for his apartment is there any way he could be moved to a better one? Not sure what the answer is, but I know you will have probably done everything I've suggested ..... Hugs for you and here if you need to talk x

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