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My son

Posted by JJ57 on 27 June 2013.

This is the first time I've done this.
My son is 30, lives at home with me and my husband and his 7yr olds son.He works full time.
I know he has been on canibis since being a teenager and this has caused so many rows and upset. I have been in antidepressants for 9 yrs due to all the trouble we've had with him.
He never gives us any money towards his keep and we pay for most things for our Grandchild.
I know he takes drugs, as I have seen messages on his phone, arranging to meet people and I can see he owes money.
He is in debt, and had taken out numerous loans.
My husband knows he has taken drugs in the past, but doesn't realise what is going on now.
I don't know what to do, if I confront him, he will deny it and he will know I have been reading his texts.
I feel i have to tiptoe around him, it's a nightmare at times.
If my husband found out, he wouldn't cope and I try to keep the piece between the two of them. There's also my grandson to take into account. 
I wonder when/if it will all end and how.
I have given the phone numbers I have seen to local police, and places where drugs are exchanged.
It's good to read about out he families on here, and to know its not just me.


20 Aug 2013

It's not just you!  It does help a little to know that you are not the only one going through this but what can we do? At least, at the moment, my son is living in his own place but probably not for much longer. He's so close to losing it all and it makes me so angry when he says " Maybe I need to hit rock bottom before I can start going up" because he could stop now BEFORE hitting the bottom and still have the basics there to build on for a good life! I just know that I could NEVER have him home to live with me and today I finally told him to go away and not come back...although he will as he won't believe I meant it! Well done for being brave enough to give the numbers to the police....I hope they took action! Good luck.....maybe both your son and mine will decide it's time to change their lives and then we can have our lives back too!

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