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my son

Posted by pipferret on 21 January 2014.

Hi I have a 3 children aged 17 . 20 .22  my 17 year old son has been diagnosed with aspergers and ADHD about 5 years ago and was on medication for his ADHD ,but about 3 years ago I found out he had started smoking weed and after an appointment with the doctor he was told it was very dangerous to smoke weed and take his medication so he stopped taking his medication and carried on smoking the weed instead! Since then he has gone on to smoking it very day and sometimes smokes that much that he can hardly speak! His behaviour has got worse over the years and can get very aggressive towards us, he smashes holes in my doors and throws things and often threatens to beat us up or stab us ect! I've become so frightened to say no to him because he gets so violent! He squeezes every last penny out of us and causes so many arguments and fights in our house and we are always walking on egg shells 24/7 . he keeps getting weed on tick so we end up with people knocking on our door asking for money and we have paid off many of his debts just to stop him from getting beat up! He has no respect for any of us and to be honest I think it would be better for everyone if he moved out but there is absolutely no where for him to go and to be honest because of his aspergers and ADHD he struggles with every day normal things and I think he would really struggle which would make him more stressed and maybe make his behaviour worse! I don't really know what to do :(


Worn out
27 Jan 2014

Oh you poor thing I so understand what you are going through, you describe your son and it is mine too. I am exhausted with all the lies and stealing and the minipulation . It causes so much stress between my husband and I that I hide so much from him, so take everything on my own shoulders. My son now 23, is facing a possible jail sentence because he "lost it" when someone started on him. I know he won't cope in prison I am very afraid for him. I spend my life walking on egg shells and bailing him out. He is so stressed with life I would hate to be inside his head! But as a mum I can not abandoned him. I too really don't know what the answer is. He has at last been referred to the mental health team. If I get any assistance I will let you know, try and stay strong you are not alone :)

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