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My son is smoking cannabis

Posted by Dolph on 18 January 2011.

My son was caught approx a year ago smoking cannabis, he said it was a one off. we then caught his approx 10 months later smoking again. He was grounded and some of his freedom reduced, however this was difficult as he is 15 and lives with his mum. She found it hard to ground him, he was only grounded for one night. 

Last week he was caught smoking at school as suspended. He is now back at school and has promisedf not to smoke any more at school, no mention of smoking it when not at school which is a shame.

He was acting suspicously so his mum checked his bedroom after he had gone out. He had a stash of cannabis and other stuff (papers etc). His mum has thrown it away.

How shall we deal with the aftermath once he finds out we had binned the stash?

Any tips on grouding a 15 year old?



29 Mar 2011

Dolph. Just read this. two months on, I do hope your son has decided not to follow the path to hell which is addiction. They all think "It won't happen to me" They all think, "Smoking isn't so bad, and I will NEVER inject!"....sadly, this is very naive.. If you are still worried. Please try and get him to go to Narcotics anonymous. Sometimes meeting former addicts who have "trodden the path" and had to face their own self delusions, will help when our "lecturing" as parents does not. (My own daughter took us all to her hell through addiction, but Guess what?! She now's only wasted 15 years of her life!!!! (And mine!) I hope your son decides to stop. Life is like "snakes and ladders!" Why won't kids listen when we warn them about the b snakes!!!?? Rose

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