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My Son thinks he is control of his new found best friend.

Posted by oscar on 9 February 2015.

A few weeks ago I found out that my son of 20 has taken drugs. It started with smoking weed and it has not escalated to taking MDMA or "E". He has admitted that he is taking E and he uses it as a party drug. He has also convinced him self that he does not have a problem and that he is in control of his habit. He can flick the switch on and off when he needs to. I have given him material to read about the risks and the dangers and showed him you tube videos on what that world of drugs and addiction does to him and everyone around him. I know there is no one that he can control this as he says and if he thinks that is possible he is making a big mistake. I have noticed changes in his behavior over the last 4 months and it has got to a stage where he has confused adulthood or maturity with arrogance. Since I found out about all this I have started to restrict him from the group of friends that has changed him into something that he is not. This weekend past the reality set in for me. My son is on the road to self destruction and its is a real problem. In desperation I have decided that I need to do a drug test on him and I need to get him into a support group as quick as possible. I am fighting for his survival because he is not prepared to. As all of you I love my child and i will do everything in my power to protect him from this evil. I am worried that I am going to be to hard on him and push him further away. When would I done enough to stop this?


Icarus Trust
10 Feb 2015

This is so hard for you to deal with and I wonder if it would help to talk with someone who has had lots of experience of what you are going through.
I work for a charity called The Icarus Trust. We are here to support people, like yourselves, who are having to deal with a loved ones addiction. We offer a free service called 'Family Friends' who we could put you in touch with. You would be able to talk with one of them and may be that would help you to work through your worries and anxieties. They would also be able to signpost you to other services which might be able to help your son.
You can contact us on or visit the website
I do hope that you are able to find some support for yourself as well as your son. Good luck!

19 Feb 2015

Hi, I am in pretty much the same situation. My son smokes weed, most days now and says it doesn't matter, it is not a problem, he is in full control and it is less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes. He really can't see what he is doing to himself and I am worried sick. Unfortunately all his friends do it and think the same. Also two of his best friends mothers smoke weed so what chance is there of him stopping?! I just don't know what to do to make him see sense.
I contacted a support group in my city yesterday so waiting to hear from them but even they say it's difficult if he doesn't want to stop :(

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