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My son with drug abuse for 38 year

Posted by Verarose on 21 March 2018.

My son has been. taking drugs for years . He went to rehab and got clean. Came out and was found a place but went crazy on on having a social life ,meals out etc. Then ringing me that he has no money for other his Rent or money for his Oyster card, food .I have always believed every thing he says so convincing. I have supported him over many many year. In Prison and out. I have given him money for one thing or another. He is 40 years and done nothing with his life!  I have tried to keep him from sleeping rough,and helped with money to pay for a roof over his head. I am his dad have had enough, I am 67 and hubby 72. He has just got out of prison again and he had his support worker had started to set up His benefits and gave him B&B till found him a more permanent place . He has be in  touch for 3 days now have no contacted from his mobile which I bought for him when he came out so he could have keep I. Contact with probation and support people. I am so,so angry with him with so much help he has had over the years and support.I would not be surprised that he is back in prison. But when I do hear from him I am NOT doing anything to help him as it shows that all I have done over the years have done nothing. Also he has a wonderful Daughter that is a very clever girl and he promises to see her then he lets her down. I love him he is our son but I have relished there is no more I can do! So when I next hear from him it will be sorry but you are on your own now. And that’s it and I won’t give money anymore and see though his lies.Just won’t to share my pain but I am going to be strong with the word NO!!!!!


Icarus Trust
27 Mar 2018

Hi Verarose,

Thank you for posting and sharing your story. Its a very hard thing that you are doing and if you feel that you would like some support for yourself please contact The Icarus Trust. We are a charity that supports people who are experiencing the impact of a friend or family member's addiction. We have trained experienced people you could talk with if you feel it would help you.
You can contact us on or visit the website
Keep strong. All the best.

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