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A place for families, because you don't have to use drugs to be affected by them.

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Posted by Anastasia on 13 January 2013.

After having a chat with a lovely lady from Al-anon yesterday, I decided to do an internet search to see what sort of help and support there is on-line and found this gem : ) 
My Dad has been an alcoholic for decades, he has been into rehab twice and the change in him whilst he was at the second place was amazing.  I wish it had lasted.  Yesterday I read an e-mail from my sister that she sent to me on Friday evening.  He had collapsed, phoned my brother saying he didn't know where we was, could he come and find him.  My brother found him face down  in a car park, he was unable to get up and had wet himself, my brother took hm home and got him into bed.  
I feel stressed but not distressed.
I have my boundaries in place and have maintained contact with my father by doing it on my terms....if I want to talk with him I call him in the morning when he tends to be more sober.  Arrange in advance a meeting at lunchtime so we can catch up.  And if he phones me whilst he is drunk and I dislike or feel uncomfortable I say 'I am going to end the conversation'.  At this point he will hang up.  Then time will pass and we get in contact with one another again.
This relationship works for me as I feel in control.
Whilst I do not know what condition he will be in when I see him or talk with him.  We both love each other and are happy that we can maintain a relationship.

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